The Online Marketing Guide to Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing in 2019

Real Estate Marketing

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We literally wrote the book on Real Estate Marketing

Online Real Estate Marketing

Commerce is moving online. It has been for well over a decade, but now we’re really starting to see
the real-world consequences of that shift. The brick-and-mortar “big box” store is dying. The mall is
empty. We may still be a few years away from the time when buying real estate online is as common
as shopping on Amazon, but one thing is hard to deny: The large majority of people looking to buy or
sell property this year will do most of their searching online.

This eBook was written with real estate professionals in mind. It is meant to help in the transition to
new, more effective ways of marketing their business in the digital age. For those professionals who
already have a digital marketing strategy, it may help in making it more efficient. For those who don’t,
it provides a good place to start.

What’s in the book

The Online Marketing Guide to Real Estate was written for Real Estate professionals who want to make the most of the online real estate marketing tools available. Some of the topics you will find in the book are:

Real Estate Websites

Your Real Estate Website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Learn what makes a real estate site great!

Local Authority

Real Estate professionals who establish themselves as local authorities in their area get a bigger cut of the prospect pool.

Multimedia Publishing

Create a multimedia arsenal to serve as the multiple points of entry to your content, maximizing visitors and conversions.

Making Use of Data

Make informed decisions and measure the results of your marketing efforts by making good use of user and customer data.

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